Privacy will be extinct in two generations, while those of us who remember its value fight bitterly to hold onto what little remains.

We have been conditioned to share every detail of our lives online, in exchange for likes (i.e. dopamine hits). This conditioning makes most of us oblivious to the surveillance that is so prevalent today.

Where I live, there are state-funded cameras on most blocks, while home cams and satellites fill the gaps. Soon, we may be restricted from travelling without revealing details about our medical history. Facial recognition technology is already in place on bridges and in tunnels leading in and out of various urban areas like New York City. Our behavior is tracked online while machine learning algorithms accurately predict our interests and we find ourselves confused about whether our behavior drove the content we saw, or the content drove our behavior. Predictive policing has already been tested to some degree in places like Shreveport Louisiana. And the list keeps growing.

Many people are oblivious, or they believe that it's fine since they have nothing to hide. Yet they will have everything to hide when people in power use legislation to punish them for holding the wrong ideas.

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