Well-thought, and thanks for the recent follow! I agree with your sentiment in this article, but disagree with your solution. I like the market-based approach that you touched on. Educating people on the health benefits of plant-based proteins is a great way to reduce consumption in other areas. Where we disagree is on the use of taxation, which punishes an entire industry for the actions of a few. …

Data Sharing Improves Your Customer Experience

Our right to privacy preserves our ability to pursue happiness. We own our personal choices, and should be left alone so long as those choices don’t impact other people. We also get to share our information, on our terms. We might share our measurements with the local tailor to get perfectly fitting clothing. Or, we may sell or trade our digital information, in exchange for access to websites and other online services.

We do this every day, when we utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Bing, and any website with analytics software installed. It is our choice when the…

Privacy will be extinct in two generations, while those of us who remember its value fight bitterly to hold onto what little remains.

We have been conditioned to share every detail of our lives online, in exchange for likes (i.e. dopamine hits). This conditioning makes most of us oblivious to the surveillance that is so prevalent today.

Where I live, there are state-funded cameras on most blocks, while home cams and satellites fill the gaps. Soon, we may be restricted from travelling without revealing details about our medical history. Facial recognition technology is already in place on bridges and in…

I enjoyed this article, despite the obvious digs at people who think differently than the author (e.g., "they wear a mask during a pandemic"). Some points to consider:

1. Often competency produces better results than intelligence. I'd rather hire an experienced mechanic to fix my car than someone who is an expert at self-crit.

2. Curiosity is great. So is self-control. I'm happy to work with someone who is curious to the extent that they ask enough questions to be more effective at their job. …

People protesting robots
People protesting robots
Cyber Monday At Amazon HQ, War on Want

Automation is here. Most of us love its outputs, though many of us aren’t aware of the extent of its proliferation. Or rather, we don’t want to be aware. For better or worse, COVID-19 lockdowns have made this reality visible to more people.

Consider how many billions of people spent the majority of their time at home for the past year, due to government-enforced lockdowns and social distancing requirements. Despite this new paradigm, many systems continue to thrive with minimal human presence. …

Woman holding coffee cup with two laptops and the text ‘undeniably good’
Woman holding coffee cup with two laptops and the text ‘undeniably good’

The lockdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic have transformed American work life forever. Fearful governors forced unimaginable regulations upon companies and people who had no choice but to adapt to this unnatural paradigm for life. Most companies that survived the lockdowns switched to remote work environments, where teams were ripped from the structure and familiarity of their offices and inserted into the framework of Zoom conferences amid home environments full of distractions. With no end in sight, employers will view self-motivation and direction as major determinants for success.

Crisis Management is the New Normal

In 2021, businesses will seek employees who are problem solvers, savvy…

Miraikan, 2 Chome-3–6 Aomi, Koto City, Tokyo, Japan The humanoid android robot Alter recreates human movements at the Mirakian museum in Tokyo. Source: Unsplash

We are in an emotional and physical crisis and it is far from over. Government lockdowns of sectors of the economy, and other mandates have caused physical and psychological harm to so many of us. While often well-intentioned, these lockdowns have destroyed small businesses. Children are socially isolated from their peers. Seniors died in nursing homes by the tens of thousands due to poor government policies, while others are choosing euthanasia. Computer models predict as much as a 145% increase in suicide rates. And, there are over 2 million COVID-19 related deaths reported in the world. There is also a…

Small businesses will feel the impact of changes made by the Biden administration, as well as those that come after four years of a Trump presidency.

Small Businesses Fighting for Survival. Photo by Gene Gallin on Unsplash

Biden has indicated that he is on board with doubling the national minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $15. This will have an immediate impact on small businesses that struggle to turn a profit, especially in an economy that hasn’t fully recovered. Large corporate entities like Amazon and Target are able to invest in automation to replace hourly workers. In contrast, small business owners must either raise prices or save on costs by…

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